“Standard Insurance"
Being one of the most successful insurance companies in Azerbaijan, Standard Insurance Company was founded in 2001. Standard Insurance was designed as a flexible insurance company capable to effectively compete with other insurers and to meet the ever-growing needs of customers with top quality services. Indeed, the Company has come to the market seeking to accomplish long-term targets, where profit is not an exclusive factor. The accomplishment of the company’s objectives is guided by such corporate values as satisfaction of customers, quality and further improvement of our services, stable reputation as a reliable business partner. All of these factors have enabled Standard Insurance to come to sharing the leadership in the domestic insurance market. Standard Insurance provides more than 25 types of insurance, including property, cargo, liability, motor, life, health, medical and others. The Company has completed the adequate re-insurance agreements with the world re-insurance market leaders such as Lloyd’s. Based on the volume of collected premiums and other important insurance performance indicators Standard Insurance is listed within top three leaders in insurance market of Azerbaijan. Today an authorized capital stock of the company is one of the biggest in the country and amounts to 2 million AZN (about 2.2 m. USD). Standard Insurance Company is the first Azeri insurance company registered by one of the major brokers – Lloyd’s-AON in the Security List. Standard Insurance has also been a holder of an international quality certificate - ISO 9001-2000 since 2005.

"Standard Leasing"
Ltd which is the integral part of the “ABSTANDARD” group of companies, The company was state registered on 07 July 2009. The founders of the company are “Standard Capital” Ltd (99,998%) and “AB Standard” Ltd (0,002%). Company’s equity capital is 4.0 million AZN. At present the company offers its services to the physical persons, private owners by the way of leasing to obtain cars and trucks, buses, special equipment and facilities and intends to assist the lyses in their activities. The below mentioned directions are prevail in the operation of «Standard Leasing» Ltd: leasing of the trucks leasing of the cars leasing of the buses leasing of the construction equipment leasing of the medical equipment

"Standard Capital"
Over the last few years securities market, investment banking and asset management in Azerbaijan have evolved and matured under the influence of major developments in technology and its growing impact on business. Security market started becoming a profession, though the economy does not seem to attribute much significance to it. Standard Capital LLC was established upon AB Standard Founders’ decision of further improvement of Group’s activities in the Azerbaijan securities market. Since its founding in September 2004, Standard Capital has been consistently demonstrating its leadership in core businesses: securities trading, investment banking and asset management. Standard Capital provides finance raising services for Azerbaijan companies acting as an underwriter. The Company offers brokerage services to different types of investors including commercial banks and individuals. Standard Capital is the first Azerbaijan private company that provides asset management services. For better diversification its investments Standard Capital operates in Russian, Ukrainian and U.S. stock markets as well. Standard Capital received all required licenses issued by Azerbaijan State Committee for Securities: brokerage, dealership and asset management. Standard Capital is shareholder and member of Baku Stock Exchange.

The “AJC” LLC, company started its operations in 2007. The main activities of the company are the follow: offices, warehouses and open areas rent services, providing different type of other logistic services such as reception services, 24 hours security, waste removal, loading-offloading, warehouse management, transportation and truck repair.* -* this service provides with cooperation with our co-partner. The operation “Warehouse and Logistic Center” is located on Salyan highway 22 km, with total space 80,000 sq/m, including 10,000 sq/m of Warehouses and Workshops. “Warehouse and Logistic Center” has separate 400 KVA transformer, 500 tons water tank for emergency issues, fiber optic internet. Our mission “AJC” LLC is a private company, operating in non-oil sector with compliance of Azerbaijani’s Law provides warehouse and logistic services. Our policy To create the strong and mutually profitable relationship with our customers. To follow up the Customer satisfaction to provide best services. To attract new customers using the best practice in this field. To increase the level of professionalism of company’s employee continuously giving the trainings in related area.